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Everything You Should Know About Scroll and Reciprocating Chillers

Everything You Should Know About Scroll and Reciprocating Chillers

Packaged, scroll chillers, and to a greater extent, reciprocating chillers are the cores of maximum central systems for the medium sized building apartments. These chillers comprise of 1 or more assembly of scroll or reciprocating compressor-motor, insulated liquid cooler, water or air-cooled conde (and condenser air fan), interconnecting refrigerant piping, extension device, wiring and control panel, refrigerant and oil charge, the compressor motor starter, and auxiliaries.

The reciprocating chillers are made in both open and semi and full-hermetic types. They are usually tested, manufactured, charged factory assembled and shipped in a single assembly up to nearly 200 tons capability Their installation comprises of return chilled water piping and piping supply, (and cooling water piping if applicable), the interconnection of external controls and power wiring, charging and evacuation when required, start-up and check-out. Moreover, there are units with no condenser for field piping to an individual remote evaporative or air-cooled condenser.

Benefits of Using Scroll and Reciprocating Chillers

  • These chillers are comparatively easier to use with their modern designs and controls.
  • Different condensing options available, incorporating low ambient and air-cooled operation.
  • Utilize eco-friendly refrigerants
  • Scroll chillers comprise of enhanced part load efficiencies.
  • Scroll chillers are not accessible from a greater number of manufacturers and they comein limited models as well.
  • However, the reciprocating chiller models are available from a greater number of manufacturers in abilities up to 200 tons and they are larger in incremental steps as well.
  • Many trustworthy suppliers, maximum through factory approved service providers or with a service network of experienced technicians.
  • These chillers are factory packaged for easy and accurate installation.

Applications of Scroll Packaged and Reciprocating Chillers

Both scroll packaged and reciprocating chillers are usually applied in multiple and single units for offering chilled water for air conditioning medium or small sized buildings with the use of central system designs.

  • The best applications –The high-quality installations needing central hot or chilled water systems in order to offer humidity and temperature control of different spaces.
  • The Retrofit applications –Several models will fit through almost a 30-inch door for simple installation at a lower rate of structural changes.

What Are The Technology Types?

  • Scroll compressor packages are the trendiest development in positive displacement compressor and there are signs that they possibly provide enhanced efficiency and better reliability. The network of professional technicians or service providers is in the procedure of growth and may not be accessible in every area.

  • On the other hand, the reciprocating compressor packages have always been the backbone of this sector, and many developments and enhancements have been created over the years. These are in extensive use and experienced service technicians are also available at nearly each and every location.
The Efficiency of Reciprocating Chillers
  • Efficiency of the older water cooled chiller models range from 0.82 to 1.0 kW per ton range, whereas the newer models’ efficiency starts from 0.78 to 0.85 kW per ton at ARI conditions.
The Final Words
  • So, this is everything you need to about scroll packaged and reciprocating chillers. In case you need more information, contact us for a detailed description.

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